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National Grid Ventures

National Grid Ventures is home to a diverse portfolio of energy businesses that deliver competitive products and services for a broad range of customers. 

Separate from National Grid’s core regulated businesses, we’re active in competitive markets across the US and UK. 

Whether it’s the long-distance transport of renewable energy, the storage of liquefied natural gas, or supporting the roll out of smart meters, we’re working hard to make energy reliable, clean, and affordable for consumers. 

We’re also building the energy systems of tomorrow - from bringing innovative technology to market that changes the way homes and businesses use energy, to competing for new, large-scale, climate-friendly energy projects.

Our commercial businesses

Competitive energy products and services

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Accelerating a clean energy future

Innovative new technology and projects

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is National Grid Ventures?

National Grid plc is made up of three distinct businesses.

  • UK core regulated business: We are the electric system operator and electric and gas transmission network owner.
  • US core regulated business: We are the electricity and natural gas delivery company that connects more than 20 million people to energy sources through its networks in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
  • National Grid Ventures: Our third pillar is National Grid Ventures (NGV), which is focused on accelerating growth towards a clean energy future through global transmission, distributed energy and metering, US strategic growth, cleantech energy partnerships and corporate development.
What is the purpose and role for National Grid Ventures?

There are unprecedented and rapid changes in the energy industry, driven by global, emerging trends – decarbonization, decentralization and digitization.

National Grid needs to continue:

  • Delivering on its shareholder commitments
  • Identify new growth opportunities
  • Position ourselves ahead of the global trends
  • Drive innovation and to be influential

As such, National Grid Ventures will drive growth outside our regulated core in competitive markets in the UK and US. NGV will also support growth in our core business through a broad range of services.

How will National Grid Ventures benefit customers?

Operating in competitive markets, NGV businesses will deliver flexible, reliable and innovative solutions to meet the changing demands of more connected customers.

We will create value for our customers (and investors) by anticipating what customers want, reducing the costs of energy delivery today, and pioneering flexible energy systems for tomorrow.

Which key markets will National Grid Ventures operate in and grow?

We are building National Grid Ventures to focus on various segments, which include:

Global Transmission

This business will drive the development of interconnectors, Liquefied Natural Gas and competitive transmission predominately in Europe and the US. It will be responsible for acquiring new or existing projects and/or businesses as well as driving value from the day to day operations of our existing and in flight businesses. This unit will have a competitive focus and clear accountability along this value chain.

Distributed Energy and Metering

This refers to energy infrastructure, software and services located and serving customers at the “Grid Edge” or “Behind the Meter (BTM)”. It includes a range of technologies such as micro grids, solar PV, battery storage, EV charging, resource management software, etc. and it can range in size from small residential packages to large scale installations at commercial and industrial sites.

US Strategic Growth

US Strategic Growth will focus on growth in solar, on/offshore wind, energy storage and more.

Will National Grid Ventures be a separate legal entity?


Will the establishment of National Grid Ventures have any impact on existing contractual relationships with customers?

As NGV will not be a separate legal entity, there will be no impact on existing or future contractual relationships with customers.

UK principal operations

Electricity transmission, gas transmission and system operation

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US principal operations

Electricity, natural gas, and clean energy delivery across the north eastern United States

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