Our Whole System approach

We’re working to build a fairer and more affordable energy system, with Whole System at the heart of this approach.

The Energy Whole System

The Energy Whole System is the interaction between electricity, gas and liquid fuels, and how these energy sources best contribute to delivering net zero greenhouse gas emission energy for technology, communications, transport, heat and water.  

Traditionally, the electricity, gas and oil industries have worked separately to meet energy needs. Oil has dominated the transport sector. Gas has been used for heating homes and businesses, and for electricity generation. Electricity has provided energy for technology, lighting and industry (largely generated from coal and gas-fired power stations). 

In the past infrastructure for water, transport, technology and communications have also been designed independently of each other. 

The UK needs to adopt alternative sources of energy to power homes, transport and businesses reliably and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This will require a collaborative and holistic approach to infrastructure from organisations across multiple industries.  

A new Whole System will help to achieve the UK’s ambition of a net zero economy by 2050, and we recognise the key role we have to play. 

We have published Our Whole System approach, which you can download below. This document sets out: 

  • the Whole System challenge  
  • our approach to Whole System working and plans 
  • our current Whole System projects  
  • conclusions and next steps.

2023 Whole Systems Coordination Register

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