Fulfilling our duty to provide power

The new Uxbridge Moor connection is needed to connect several new customers to our transmission network to meet a significant increase in electricity demand to the west of London. As a regulated business, we have a legal obligation to connect customers to our network when a connection is requested.

Our existing substation in the Iver area does not have the existing capacity for new connections. Therefore, our proposed Uxbridge Moor substation will help businesses grow and support the online networks that we all rely on.

Who will use the power?

The proposed connectors to Uxbridge Moor are new data centres and an Independent Distribution Network Operator (DNO). DNOs are companies licensed to distribute energy around the UK, including to local homes and businesses.

Data centres are buildings dedicated to housing computers and digital storage. Data centres are an essential and integral part of supporting the online networks we rely on in the modern world, and directly support the areas they are located in.

Many everyday services you use from email and the internet, to file sharing and cloud storage, all rely on data centres. The locations of these centres have an impact on the quality of service they provide – and this is why they need to be located as close as possible to the area of demand.


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