Puxton to Kenn

Current construction activity

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July 2021

Late 2023

Connecting Weston-super-Mare to Sandford substation

June 2021

Late 2024

Access to public footpaths and rights of way

May 2021


Building new T-pylons



Roadworks and traffic management


Overview – Autumn 2022

In July 2022, we started work to build the northern section of the Hinkley connection between Sandford and Seabank substations.

We’re building 68 new T-pylons for part of the route between Sandford and Portbury, and new traditional lattice pylons through Avonmouth to make the final connection into Seabank substation.

By using the innovative T-pylon design, the height of the new infrastructure is being reduced by a third. Standing at around 35 metres high – the T-pylon is third shorter than traditional 400,000 volt steel lattice pylons which stand at around 48 metres. It also has a smaller footprint and uses less land.

To make for and reduce the visual impact of the new pylons, National Grid is removing 67 kilometres of existing 132,000 volt lattice pylons and overhead wires, a total of 249 pylons will go from the Somerset landscape. 

So far, we’ve removed a line of lattice pylons between Nailsea and Portishead, 37 kilometres of pylons between Bridgwater and Sandford, and a short section from across the M49 near Avonmouth. Programme for removal in 2023, is the eight pylons closest to Sandford substation, and the long line that runs from Sandford to Avonmouth.

Thank you from everyone working on the project for your patience and understanding as we progress this vital work to connect six million homes and businesses to new sources of homegrown, low carbon energy.

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Puxton to Kenn timeline

Early 2021 to mid 2023


Modifications to the existing 132,000 volt overhead line to Weston-super-Mare

What we are doing:

  • Building a temporary entrance and access road to allow construction traffic to enter site from the local highway. You can find more information on our construction information page.

  • Building a new connection from Sandford substation to the existing overhead line that goes to Weston-super-Mare. It will be made up of 700m of underground cable and nine new lattice pylons. This is to ensure local electricity supplies are maintained.

  • Removing 1.5 km of the existing overhead line to Weston-super-Mare that runs north-west from Sandford towards Puxton.

This work will be done by Western Power Distribution.

Early 2021 to mid 2025


Build a new 400,000 volt overhead line

What we are doing:

  • Building temporary entrances, crossing points and access roads to allow construction traffic to enter site from the local highway. You can find more information on our construction information page. 

  • Building a new overhead line from Sandford substation to Seabank substation (approximately 31.2 km).

  • We will use T-pylons in this area.

Early 2021 to mid 2025


Remove the existing 132,000 volt overhead line

What we are doing:

  • Removing Western Power Distribution’s overhead line from the A368 in Sandford to Avonmouth.