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How much will it cost to apply to connect?

Application fee

When you apply for a new connection, you pay an upfront application fee to the ESO. However, this fee will be refunded to you when your project gets connected. The amount covers the costs of receiving, recording and processing your application, as well as preparing an offer to deliver the connection you request.

If you want to make any changes to your application you will incur a charge; this amount depends on the size, type and location of the connection project.

Application fee types

When you apply for a new connection application or need to submit a modification application, there are two types of application fee – variable* or fixed. This fee is paid to the ESO. The amount you pay is the same for both options.

Variable fee

Dependent on the amount of work carried out to produce your connection offer, your fee will be reconciled for the value of work done, so you may receive a partial refund or further invoice to settle any difference. 

Fixed fee

The charge is not reconciled regardless of how much work is involved in providing the offer. 


*If you are applying for an offshore connection a variable fee is the only option available, given the added level of complexity involved in producing a connection offer.