National Grid Electricity Transmission

We own and maintain the high-voltage electricity transmission network in England and Wales. Every time a phone is plugged in or switch is turned on, we’ve played a part, connecting you to the electricity you need. 

We're investing in the network to help connect and more low carbon electricity, transporting it through our power lines and substations so it reach homes and businesses. It’s a crucial role and pivotal in turning the UK’s net zero ambitions into reality.

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Connecting to our network

Whether you have a large or small project, we're here to help you get connected to the national electricity transmission network.

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Expert consultancy for your projects

We offer refurbishment and maintenance services for your equipment, as well as technical support and consultancy through our Engineering and Consultancy Solutions team.

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What to do in a power cut

Find out how to report a power cut, what to do and read safety advice.

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Environment and net zero

Learn about the environmental targets we have set for our network and how we are reducing the environmental impacts of our direct and indirect operations.

Environment and net zero


Network route maps

Find out the approximate location of our electricity transmission network and check the safety implications of your works.

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Who is my distribution network operator?

Your distribution network operator can help you with queries about connecting your property, power cuts or moving your meter

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Working near our assets

Access guidance and support for working near our electricity transmission assets, including overhead lines and underground cables.

More about our activities

Our 2021–2026 Environmental Action Plan

Our environmental vision is to build a sustainable electricity network, which makes a positive contribution to the environment.

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Our whole system approach

We’re working to build a fairer and more affordable energy system, with Whole System at the heart of this approach.

Keeping the network protected during storms

As owners of the network in England and Wales, we have a number of approaches in place to deal with potential issues that severe weather might cause.

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Using drones to maintain and repair the network

Did you know we have a fleet of drones to carry out inspection work on our overhead power lines network across England and Wales?