Bridge construction

60-tonne bridge installed over the Congresbury-Yeo river

650-tonne crane used to lift temporary bridge into place

Contractor, Balfour Beatty has completed the installation of a temporary bridge over the Congresbury-Yeo river. 

The 60-tonne bridge is the largest temporary structure in the north of the Hinkley Connection route. It was lifted into place with a whopping 650-tonne crane.

The crossing took a number of months to complete as it required a high level of engineering and preparation work. This included constructing a secondary temporary bridge with a 50-tonne weight limit to provide the access needed for the construction plant and equipment to build the abutment on the northerly bank for this main bridge.

With the main bridge now in place, Balfour Beatty can access and remove two 132kv pylons and transport the equipment necessary to build two new world-first T-pylons. The bridge will remain in place until 2024.

And whilst we're used to putting up signage where our work might impact public rights of way or roads, a new one for the project was creating signs and placing them on the river to let paddleboarders know what was happening with the bridge installation.