Resources to promote the competition

Climate change affects us all but none more so than our children. After all, they will inherit the world and the problems we create today. So, to help spread the word about the competition and encourage young people to add their voice to the conversation on climate change, we have created a range of downloadable materials which can be shared far and wide.

We have created a useful leaflet providing a summary for teachers and staff, eye-catching posters to display in both primary and secondary schools to encourage pupils to enter, and a 'schools social pack' that contains everything you need to promote the competition on social media.

Educational materials to use with pupils

We want to help educate and inspire young minds on the issue of climate change. They are our future leaders, engineers and problem solvers who will lead the charge for a more sustainable way of life. To help, we have produced materials designed to spark conversations and get young people actively involved through a broad range of information relating to climate change, the COP26 conference in Glasgow in November, the energy system, as well as information on the competition.

You can download the PowerPoint and tailor the content to meet your specific needs. Just remove what you don’t need and add what you’d like to focus on using the templates and tools we have provided. A PDF has also been supplied. For further information see the teacher guides provided below.

Dog by radiator - National Grid's 'The future of heat: Consulting consumers about low-carbon heating' story

Where does electricity come from?

“Where does electricity come from?” with Maddie Moate

This video is ideal for helping kids of primary school age to understand some of the topics surrounding climate change and electricity.

Children’s TV presenters Maddie Moate and Greg Foot discover how electricity gets around the UK, and what “Net Zero” actually means. They also give details about the competition, as well as lots of inspiration for children hoping to enter!

Watch the video

Additional educational resources

National Grid has partnered with Sustainability First - an educational charity dedicated to advancing knowledge of sustainability - to put together a range of interdisciplinary educational primary school workshops on sustainability and climate change, called ‘Together for a fair climate future. There are videos and workshop instructions on various topics such as ‘Let’s get wise about waste’ and ‘Our changing world’.

You can also find a wealth of materials on the COP26 Together For Our Planet website in the Schools Pack section. Explore the content to discover ideas and tools to inspire young minds, including activities for schools, creative tools and a range of other resources.