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Whether you have a large or small energy project, we’re here to help you get connected to the national electricity transmission network.

Here, you can find information and guidance about the connection journey, how we can help you, and how to get in touch.

The connection journey

Below, you’ll find more detailed information about the different stages of the connection journey – from your pre-application meeting through to designing and building your connection.

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Improving your connections experience   

The experience we provide our customers is extremely important to us and we are keen to receive your feedback regarding the service you receive during your connection journey. This way we can focus on what matters most to you. To gather your feedback we have worked with Ofgem and the other onshore Transmission Owners, to collectively develop a new ‘Quality of Connections’ survey. 

Through feedback already received from customers, we have identified key touchpoints of the connections journey and will be using these as quality checkpoints. Moving forward, you may be asked about one of these stages shortly after your project has been passed through.

It will simply ask you about your experience:  

  1. leading up to the submission of your connection application, or   
  1. during your connection application and offer process, or   
  1. during the progression of the design of your connection project, or   
  1. during the final stages of the development of your connection, or   
  1. during the construction of your connection, or   
  1. of the commissioning of your connection   

If you are already connected, it will focus on one of the following areas, if it affects you:   

  1. during the planning of an outage for the year ahead, or  
  1. following an outage, or   
  1. leading up to and during control room liaison meetings   

The survey will seek your feedback and ask you to score your interaction with us. The feedback provided through the survey will allow us to understand what we need to improve, as well as what we need to continue.  The score will be collated and an average score across all customers will be fed into our reporting to Ofgem, which will provide us with either a reward or penalty, dependent on how we have performed.  

To view our customer satisfaction performance please follow this link.

We’re always looking to improve the service we provide so, if you wish to provide additional feedback, please email us.

Want to make an enquiry?

Find out how to get in touch with us if you have an enquiry about getting connected to the electricity transmission network or any aspect of the connections process. When you complete one of our enquiry forms, we’ll get back to you within the next business day. 


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