About us

National Grid Electricity Transmission is the owner of the high-voltage electricity transmission network in England and Wales. We’re network specialists, managing not only today’s highly complex network, but enabling the electricity system of tomorrow.

Our work

Our work involves building and maintaining the electricity transmission network – safely, reliably and efficiently. We connect sources of electricity generation to the network and transport it onwards to the distribution system, so electricity can reach homes and businesses. This requires a unique mixture of skills, experience and planned investment.

We’re committed to safeguarding our global environment for future generations and providing all our customers with the highest standards of service.

Our role in the industry

We hold a role right at the heart of the energy industry as the owner of the high-voltage electricity transmission network in England and Wales.  

The transmission network is like the motorways and dual carriageways of the electricity system, while the distribution system is like the smaller roads that deliver the electricity to homes and businesses.  

The traditional model of the industry 

Traditionally, electricity has been generated through sources that include fossil fuel and nuclear power stations, or renewable sources such as wind and solar. Those generation sources connect to the transmission network, which transports the electricity to the distribution system. It’s then delivered by the distribution system to consumers at a voltage they can use.  

How the traditional model is evolving 

Today, the traditional model of the energy sector is evolving and adapting to unprecedented transformation, in which we are moving from high to low carbon. Coal plants are closing down, while renewable sources of generation are increasing significantly, together with technologies such as battery storage.  

Smaller-scale sources of generation such as wind and solar are also connecting directly to the distribution network, creating a more complex system to manage. And consumers are using new technologies to manage their electricity demand – increasing energy efficiency in homes and businesses.  

There’s now a greater diversity of supply and flexible demand than ever before. The electricity transmission network has a crucial part to play in the future energy mix, connecting new sources of energy to the people who use them.

Digitalisation strategy and action plan

This is an exciting time for the energy sector as we decarbonise and decentralise our energy system. Data and digitalisation are key enablers for unlocking the benefits of the energy transition and National Grid is committed to playing a leading role.

We believe in a UK future that is clean, green and thriving, where nobody gets left behind, and where digitalisation facilitates the advancement of green technologies. Through digitalisation, we can create value for consumers, improve customer experience, enable greater whole system coordination and transparency, and accelerate the development and deployment of innovative technologies.

Our Digitalisation Strategy outlines where we are today, our future strategy and our priorities. We’d love to hear your views on our approach – you can read our strategy and action plan by clicking on the links below.  Please let us know what you think by responding to our brief survey. Your feedback will help inform future versions of this strategy.