Supplier onboarding

National Grid has embarked on an end-to-end Source to Pay transformation journey. Our Coupa e-commerce platform is a key enabler to helping our users purchase goods and services easily from our suppliers. We also recognise the benefits Coupa offers when managing purchase order and invoice transactions between National Grid and our suppliers. Read on to find out more.

Using Coupa

Partnering with National Grid will require you to join the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) in order to:

  • receive purchase orders

  • submit invoices

  • create and maintain your online product catalogues

  • view payments.

There is no cost for registering and using the CSP and no additional software is required.

Learn more about the CSP

National Grid Terms and Conditions of Purchase

A copy of our Standard terms and conditions for the supply of deliverables is available here.

Please note, our standard terms and conditions have recently been updated and shall apply to all purchase orders, and will apply to all purchases for goods and services from October 2022, unless you have an existing contract with National Grid. In this case, any contract terms and conditions agreed will supersede our standard terms.

A summary of the key changes to our standard terms and conditions are:

  • Removal of the general indemnity from the supplier for death, personal injury and property damage

  • Reduction in the mutual liability cap from 150% of price to 100%

  • Specific obligations have been clarified to include a wider definition of ‘prohibited acts’, to account for new legislation relating to modern slavery and facilitation of tax evasion

  • Simplified GDPR clause, which assumes that supplier staff will have very limited access to National Grid sites and will not be able to access company systems.

Download our terms and conditions

Submitting invoices to National Grid

National Grid only accept invoices created and submitted through the Coupa Supplier Portal.

Learn more about creating invoices in Coupa

You can also watch the 'Submitting Invoices' demonstration video, which can be found at the bottom of this page.

Invoice address

We have recently updated our purchase order template to include our invoice address as below:

1-3 Strand

Please note this change is for administrative purposes only and must not be used to send hard copy invoices. 

All invoices must be created and submitted through the Coupa Supplier Portal as per the guidance on this page.

Please refer here for further details of our registered address.

What to do if your records need updating

If you are currently set up as an existing supplier to National Grid and any of your company details have changed (e.g. company name, address, bank details), please email [email protected] with the required changes and we'll update your supplier record.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have created a number of guides and training videos to help suppliers with setting up and then using their account.


Registering to Use

Viewing Purchase Orders 

Setting up legal entities 

Submitting Invoices 

Maintaining Catalogues 

Inviting additional users to CSP

Setting up eInvoicing 


Viewing Invoices 



More information


Frequently Asked Questions

CSP Supplier Guide

If you have any questions, please contact the Supplier Enablement team at [email protected].