Aerial view of wind turbines on the prairie used for National Grid Renewables story

Introducing National Grid Renewables

We’re taking another step towards net zero, with the launch of our newly branded renewable energy business across the United States. Find out how this will contribute to the US energy landscape.

National Grid plays a leading role in the push to increased production of clean, fair and affordable energy for all. Reflecting those key targets, National Grid Ventures, our commercial development arm, is today launching National Grid Renewables.

National Grid Renewables develops, owns and operates renewable energy assets across the United States – including solar, onshore wind and battery energy storage – and also partners with clean energy innovators.

Central to our net zero commitment

“National Grid has a critical role to play in the acceleration of a cleaner energy future, which is why we’re pleased to be launching National Grid Renewables to further underscore our commitment to reaching net zero,” says Daniel Westerman, President, Renewable Energy for National Grid.

In addition to being positive for our planet, developing new renewable energy projects creates jobs and spurs economic development in communities across America.

“In addition to being positive for our planet, developing new renewable energy projects creates jobs and spurs economic development in communities across America. We look forward to expanding our positive social and environmental impact as we look ahead, all while delivering strong shareholder value.”

Expanding sustainable energy across the US

This new brand launch builds on National Grid’s acquisition of Geronimo Energy, a leading wind and solar developer in North America, in July 2019. Since last year’s acquisition, National Grid’s onshore renewables development team has expanded its already robust pipeline of wind, solar and battery storage projects throughout the United States. As part of today’s launch, Geronimo Energy will transition to the new National Grid Renewables branding.

Continuing to lead the renewable energy industry

“The launch of the National Grid Renewables brand supports our goal to expand our onshore project portfolio nationwide and continue our growth as a leader in the renewable energy industry,” says Blake Nixon, Head of US Onshore Renewables for National Grid Renewables.

“We are proud to take on the National Grid name, as our values have always been and continue to be aligned. Our farmer-friendly, community-focused value set and our guiding principle to do what is right for community members, customers and partners remains the same.”

In addition to its onshore renewables development team, National Grid Renewables includes an increasing number of operational projects across the US, from wind and solar farms in the Midwest and South to investments in battery storage facilities on the East Coast.

National Grid Renewables has also had a partnership dating back to 2016 with Sunrun, a leading residential solar, battery storage and energy services company in the US. This partnership has included a $100 million asset investment and employees from each company working to develop the potential of grid services using cleaner, renewable sources of energy.

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