Grain ship docked in harbour

Grain LNG sets record for European gas send out

Grain LNG, Europe’s largest LNG terminal has exported a record breaking amount of gas in a single day.

Grain LNG terminal, situated on the Isle of Grain in the Thames Estuary, exported 698 GWh of gas on Wednesday this week, beating its previous record by more than 100 GWh. The amount of gas exported equates to approximately a quarter of the UK gas demand – enough to supply gas to all of London and the South East. 

Grain LNG is a critical part of the UK’s energy infrastructure. The terminal offers market participants direct access to the UK’s NBP (National Balancing Point), one of the world’s leading gas trading hubs. This record breaking day for LNG exports represents a broader trend that has seen demand for capacity from key market players at the terminal rising over the last year.

“We expect utilisation will remain high throughout the winter and beyond. This is good news for UK consumers, who will benefit from more secure and more competitively priced gas supplies,” explains Nicola Duffin, Commercial Manager for Grain LNG.

Grain LNG recently launched an ‘open season’ process for customers interested in buying capacity from 2025. The terminal is seeking industry feedback on a new service proposal during an initial consultation phase between now and 10 January 2020. The market is invited to place legally binding bids for the capacity by 10 March 2020, and Grain LNG is expecting to allocate capacity by the end of March 2020.