Our environment

We are committed to reduce SF6 from our operations by 50% by 2030/31, from a 2018/19 baseline.

Networked geothermal pilots

Geothermal projects have a potential role to play in helping the Northeast US meet our climate goals, reducing reliance on natural gas and supporting reductions in our Scope 3 emissions.

In partnership with the University of Massachusetts Lowell, the City of Lowell and the local community, customers are enrolled in our first site-selected geothermal demonstration during the summer 2023.

Our second networked geothermal demonstration, planned in partnership with the City of Boston and the Boston Housing Authority, will replace an aging gas boiler loop serving 129 units at seven public housing buildings in Dorchester, MA.

Lisa Wieland, President of National Grid New England, said: “We’re taking the initial learnings from our first project and applying them here, which has been extremely valuable. Key to transitioning away from fossil fuels is to develop and expand reliable alternatives. 

“Networked geothermal has significant potential to be a solution, especially for larger buildings and campuses, and this partnership allows us to demonstrate that and bring the benefits of the clean energy future to the Franklin Field community today.”

We are awaiting decisions from the Public Service Commission on proposed demonstrations in New York. Each demonstration tests a different use case and we are excited to continue to support innovation in this space.