Fair transition

Energy is vital to our daily lives and climate change is the defining challenge of our time. As an essential part of the energy system in the UK and Northeast US, we recognise the challenges faced in tackling climate change and the need to dramatically change our energy system, where our energy comes from and how we use it.

Achieving this rapid change will require significant growth of our networks, supply chain and workforce – to deliver on our vision this will need be done in an inclusive manner.

Our fair transition principles

Our fair transition principles are the result of many months of engagement and analysis. Our principles have been aligned with the pillars of our Responsible Business Charter (RBC) and we believe they are a simple framework to guide our work and that following these will support us to deliver a fair transition.

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Infographic showing National Grid's Fair Transition Principles

What have we done?

Man wearing a hard hat and high-vis vest walking towards wind turbines in a field

A fair transition: our approach and engagement

June 2022: This document sets out our role in ensuring our plans are aligned to a just, fair and equitable transition, through our five focus areas.


Sustainability First workshops

2022-2023: We commissioned Sustainability First to facilitate a series of stakeholder roundtables and workshops with the public, particularly underrepresented groups.

New York Brooklyn Bridge at night with Manhattan lit up in the background against a vivid blue sky

Equity in Energy summits

2022-2024: We held Equity in Energy summits in each of the jurisdictions where we operate (New York, New England and the UK), bringing together industry, government and NGOs.

Man wearing t-shirt, shorts and helmet cycling along field towards electricity pylons and wind turbines

Sustainability First recommendations

January 2024: Sustainability First published its recommendations for the UK energy sector, including National Grid.

Fair transition at National Grid

The fair transition principles reflect the work that’s already underway at National Grid and align to the commitments we already have in place. The below demonstrates what we are already delivering on this important area.

We will report on the progress of our fair transition commitments alongside our other commitments in our annual Responsible Business Report.

Front cover of National Grid's Responsible Business Charter 2023

Our Responsible Business Charter

Our Responsible Business Charter sets out our commitments across our environment, our customers and communities, and our people.

We are committed to delivering a clean energy future while building the net zero workforce to enable a fair and affordable transition for all.

Read our Responsible Business Charter
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Our human rights commitments

One of our key values that underpins everything we do is 'Do the right thing'. Our Human Rights Policy ensures that we live this value and hold ourselves accountable to do it by respecting the rights of our workforce, the people involved in our value chain and those impacted by our operations.

Read our policy on human rights
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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Everyone wants to feel welcome at work and to feel as if they can be themselves. The best way to achieve this is through fostering an inclusive workplace, where diversity is embraced. We're committed to creating a work environment where people are treated fairly and where everyone feels respected, valued and empowered to reach their full potential. Our mission is to build a business that represents, reflects and celebrates the cultures and communities we serve.

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Front cover of National Grid's Responsible Business Report 2022/23

Reporting our performance to stakeholders

Our 2022/23 Responsible Business Report details our progress against our Responsible Business Charter commitments and ambitions.

Read our Responsible Business Report
National Grid colleague talking to mother and daughter at our Sustainability Hub in Worcester, US

Grid for Good

Grid for Good is our flagship social impact programme that helps deliver our goal to enable the energy transition for all and build tomorrow’s workforce today. We actively engage the communities where we work with outreach and support.

Our skills programmes engage all ages with a goal to inspire people to consider a career in the energy sector and support those interested in joining us. Our energy affordability fund provides emergency energy advisory services and support to those in a fuel crisis as well as longer term solutions to help make their homes more energy efficient.

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Net zero target

We have increased our ambition by updating our near-term emissions reductions targets to align them with a 1.5°C pathway, with these targets validated by the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi). Our previous near-term targets were aligned to a well below 2°C pathway. 

The updated near-term targets will mean greater emissions reductions across our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, and are aligned to our strategy and investment programmes.

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Fair transition in the UK

Power Up

Our Power Up programme helps us to identify, contact and support vulnerable customers. We use data to identify at-risk customers who may be vulnerable during a power cut. Then, when we speak to them, we offer them the chance to sign up for one of our Power Up projects to support them with saving money and keeping warm. 

Since 2013, we’ve helped thousands of vulnerable customers to save millions of pounds on their energy bills. We’re the first energy company in the UK to offer such a support package as part of our Social Obligations programme.

Tackling fuel poverty in the cost of living crisis

We are supporting non-profit organisations that are making a difference to fuel poverty in our communities. This includes providing emergency financial relief to households with pre-payment energy meters, funding energy efficiency measures to help lower bills, providing advisory services for households that need help with energy bills and debts and more.

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Fair transition in the US

Customer savings events

In the US, we organised customer savings events across Massachusetts to provide customers with options to manage their energy bills and offer ways to save money, including access to assistance program experts. 

During the winter of 2023/24 we held over 130 different events – including over a dozen in-person customer savings events – reaching thousands of customers in need and providing them with programme and payment options to meet their unique circumstances and needs.

Over 250,000 customers are enrolled in the company’s discount programme, which provides eligible customers with 25-32 percent savings on their utility bills. 

Since 1 September 2023, an additional 25,000 customers have signed up for bill management programs.

Solar-powered tiny homes help tackle homelessness in New York

In early 2022, we partnered with A Tiny Home for Good to build four tiny homes powered by solar energy in the Southwest neighbourhood of Syracuse, NY. The homes were built over the course of 12-18 months, before being rented at an affordable rate to individuals in need.

A Tiny Home for Good can combat the growing rate of those who face homelessness with the help of their staff and partnerships.

Tiny homes are cost-efficient and environmentally friendly, while also helping members of the Syracuse community.

Together with A Tiny Home for Good, we are working toward creating a cleaner and greener city for all.

Read our article to find out more

'Trees for Threes' – making the community greener

We are working together with the Brooklyn Nets/Barclays Center to make local communities greener.

With the 'Trees for Threes' partnership, a tree is planted for every three-pointer the Brooklyn Nets, Long Island Nets, New York Liberty and Nets GC score at a home game.

In the past year, over 180 native trees and shrubs have been planted by National Grid and Nets employees, with another 3,500 tree planting kits being donated to fans across Brooklyn and Long Island.