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Viking Link
Connecting the UK (Bicker Fen, Lincolnshire) to Denmark (Revsing, South Jutland)

Viking Link

Working with Energinet, the Danish power grid operator, we are constructing an electricity interconnector between the UK and Denmark called Viking Link.

Viking Link will give Denmark and the UK access to a broader energy mix. Denmark has one of the highest proportions of wind generation in the world, so it is the perfect country to connect to, gaining access to clean energy to help UK meet its 2050 net zero emission targets.

When wind generation is high and electricity demand low in the UK, Viking Link will allow up to 1,400MW of power to flow from the UK. When demand is high in the UK and there is low wind generation, up to 1,400MW can flow from Denmark, ensuring zero-carbon generation can be moved from where it is plentiful to where it is needed most.

P1 Compound - Neuro Diverse Cabin

Construction’s first neurodiverse AND sustainable cabin at Viking Link

Inclusion and sustainability are both key to our commitments at National Grid, and one of our most exciting developments in the past year has been the P1 Compound, a pilot project to introduce a variety of neurodiverse and sustainable elements into construction site cabins.

Read about the cabin
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Nessa and the interconnector

Join Nessa and her animal friends as she goes on a journey to find out all about renewable energy and how interconnectors work.

Nessa and the interconnector