North Sea Link construction

Statnett and National Grid North Sea Link Limited are working together to construct an electricity link between Great Britain and Norway.

North Sea Link (NSL) will be the world’s longest subsea interconnector when it goes live by the end of 2021 and will secure, affordable and sustainable supplies for consumers.

NSL will enable both countries to maximise the use of their zero carbon natural resources. When wind generation is high and electricity demand low in the UK, NSL will allow up to 1,400MW of power to flow from the UK, conserving water in Norway’s reservoirs. When demand is high in the UK and there is low wind generation, up to 1,400MW can then flow from Norway.

The interconnector will be able to offer capacity across a range of products in line with market needs. If you are interested in trading with us in the future, please take a look through our documentation below and get in touch.

Access Rules and Charging Methodology 

Status: CLOSED 2020

We have now closed the consultation on Access Rules and Charging Methodology. The team are now in the process of preparing a consultation report to Ofgem based on the responses received and a plan of how we propose to deal with these going forwards.

Copy of Cover Letter opening consultation on its Access Rules and Charging Methodology (published 02/11/2020)

Download Access Rules

North Sea Link website

Find out more about the North Sea Link project at the NSL website.

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Interconnector customer portal

Learn about IFA and IFA2, our joint ventures between the French Transmission Operator RTE and National Grid, operating the subsea electricity link between Great Britain and France.