We’re developing a first-of-its-kind electricity link to connect offshore wind between the UK and the Netherlands.

Designed together with our Dutch partners TenneT, LionLink (formerly known as EuroLink) is a multi-purpose interconnector (MPI) that can supply around 1.8 gigawatts of clean electricity, enough to power approximately 1.8 million homes. By connecting offshore wind to neighbouring markets via subsea electricity cables called interconnectors, MPIs can strengthen our national energy security and support the UK’s climate and energy goals.

What makes LionLink different?

Like a conventional point-to-point interconnector, LionLink will enable the cross border transmission of clean electricity via subsea cables. However, it’s called a Multi-Purpose Interconnector (MPI) because it will also connect to offshore wind farms. This means that instead of individual wind farms connecting one by one to the shore, MPIs such as LionLink will allow clusters of offshore wind farms to connect all in one go, plugging into the energy systems of neighbouring countries. LionLink will be the first step in the journey to a more interconnected North Sea.

A detailed infographic demonstrating LionLink's functionality

Previously known as EuroLink​

We held a non-statutory public consultation to inform you about our proposal for EuroLink (now known as LionLink). We gathered your feedback to help refine our plans and respond to your questions. We will be communicating the results of the last round of consultation May 2023, once the local elections have completed. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to find out more information about the project and consultation.

You can also request hard copies of all the project materials, including the feedback form and a freepost envelope, via the contact details below.  ​

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Contact us directly

Call our Freephone information line: 0800 083 1787​
Write to us at: Freepost NGV LionLink Consultation, Holborn Gate, Floor 8, 26 Southampton Buildings, LONDON WC2A 1AN

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Further reading

Map of Europe

EuroLink materials

You can still access all previous materials for the EuroLink consultation here.

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Multi-Purpose Interconnectors

Now more than ever we need more renewable energy to make energy cleaner, more affordable, and more secure. The North Sea offers an incredible opportunity for the UK and our European neighbours to deliver huge increases in offshore wind. Find out more...

What are electricity Interconnectors?

Electricity interconnectors run under the sea, underground or via overhead cabling and connect the electricity systems of two countries. It allows the trading and sharing of green electricity.