National Grid Grain LNG celebrates unprecedented utilisation

National Grid’s Grain LNG, Europe’s largest Liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal, has hit a new utilisation record, exporting 102,589 GWh of gas over a twelve month period, the equivalent of almost 14 per cent of total GB gas demand.

Over the same period ( 1 June 2022 – 31 May 2023) Grain LNG also unloaded 111 ships originating from multiple countries, demonstrating its continued global reach and operational capabilities.

Simon Culkin, Importation Terminal Manager at Grain LNG said: “Given the UK’s energy integration with Europe, the last twelve months have seen high levels of exports via the interconnectors. For our customers, Grain LNG provides the ability to store the gas and send it out when the market conditions are right. With the ability to swing from minimum to maximum flows within a short period of time, it is also an ideal partner to intermittment renewables.

The 102,589 GWh send out was into the national and local transmission systems (NTS/LDZ), resulting in an almost 45% utilisation.

Grain LNG is a critical part of the UK’s energy infrastructure and the terminal offers market participants direct access to the UK’s NBP (National Balancing Point), one of the world’s leading gas trading hubs.

Located on the Isle of Grain in Kent, Grain is currently able to store and deliver enough gas to meet at least 25% of UK gas demand, or all of London and the South East’s gas demand. To continue providing energy security, Grain is currently engaging with potential customers on long-term regasification capacity starting in 2029.