IFA2: Connecting cleaner energy
Discover more about one of our newest interconnectors

Connecting Britain to Clean Energy: IFA2 Interconnector

Introducing IFA2

IFA2 (Interconnexion France-Angleterre 2) is one of our newer Interconnectors to come into operation. It helps us to exchange clean energy between the UK and France and is capable of exporting or importing 1000MW of electricity – enough to power one million homes. It’s our second link to France, following on from the original IFA, which was our first ever interconnector in 1986.

How IFA2 is helping to shape a cleaner future

Follow our young apprentice, Hadassah Wallace, as she discovers more about the role that interconnectors like IFA2 are playing in our drive to build a cleaner energy system. Watch as she meets the key players behind IFA2 and hear from environmental activist, Lizzie Carr, as she tells us why engineering projects like this are critical if we are to meet our climate change goals by 2050.

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Timelapse screen shot

The building of IFA2

Watch our timelapse to get a behind the scenes view of the work that went into building IFA2.

Watch our timelapse

The people behind IFA2  

Bringing IFA2 to life was an exercise in collaboration between countries and people, each bring their own expertise to the project. Watch our video to hear from some of the many people who helped to build IFA2, from the managing director to the site handyman and the local MP.  

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