Siteworks case study - Stoke on Trent Power Generation Site

On the site of an old colliery in Stoke on Trent a new 20MW power generation plant was identified to reinforce the electricity grid at times of peak demand, the Siteworks team at NGM was engaged to provide the feasibility of the gas needed to power the plant and access to it from the existing gas network.

The team identified the nearest connection point being 1.5KM away, they provided a hot tap welded connection on the 12” 7 bar steel gas main and laid the 250mm diameter PE pipe to site to deliver the gas. The GIRS design, identification, capacity check and approval of the connection to the mains and the subsequent pressure reduction station and meter commissioning was project managed and delivered by the Siteworks team.

Watch James Burke – GIRS Project Manager explaining the work delivered at Chatterley Whitfield in Stoke on Trent in.