Garth Sealing End Compound in Wales - National Grid's Snowdonia VIP project
Update on restricted road access in Minffordd

Earlier this year we contacted stakeholders and local residents who live on and around Quarry Lane in Minffordd about our proposals for introducing some traffic management measures for the Snowdonia VIP project.

Following consultation on these plans, Gwynedd Council has granted us permission to manage traffic in the local area during our construction work.  These measures are designed to ensure everyone’s safety and minimise impact on local residents.

We will introduce these measures in January 2023 when we will begin establishing our construction compound. Our permission from the Council actually commences on 1 November this year but we won’t need to implement the measures until January. You will, however, see us out and about doing surveys using a variety of equipment.

Introducing safety measures

We will contact residents and stakeholders nearer the time to provide further details and timings.

To recap, the measures we are proposing to introduce include:

  • Restricting access along the back road to Minffordd, from the junction with the A497 to our construction compound. This would maintain access for local residents, any visitors or deliveries to their properties and for emergency vehicles but would restrict access for any other through traffic.
  • Ensuring that access to Quarry Lane and the properties close by are unaffected for traffic approaching from the east.
  • Controlling the restricted road in the narrow sections via traffic lights or manually controls. Traffic marshals and a welfare cabin are to be installed at or near the A497 junction.
  • Operating three-way part time traffic signals as required on the A497 junction to assist the movement of lorries into and out of the back road, and reducing a section of the existing 40mph speed limit on the A497 to 20mph.
  • Putting in place a 20mph advisory speed limit between this junction and the construction compound and temporarily closing the rear pedestrian access to the mynwent Minffordd (Minffordd cemetery) until our construction work is completed.  The cemetery itself will remain open.

Once installed, these measures will be required during the construction until approximately December 2026. After December 2026 there will be a shorter period of work required to remove the pylons, and as our plans for these works progress, we’ll keep you up to date.

If you have any questions about this or any other matter relating to the project, please contact the VIP project team directly by calling 0800 019 1898 or by emailing us at [email protected]