Tara Traws, helo Garth

After 14 months of working from offices at Trawsfynydd substation, the Eryri VIP team moved into its new compound at Garth, near Minffordd during July.

The new compound, which is located at the bottom of Quarry Lane where it meets the back lane, will comprise 64 office units to house the 150 members of the team who will eventually be working on the project at the peak of its activity from 2024-26. There will also be meeting rooms, a kitchen and canteen and other welfare facilities.

Steve Ellison, Senior Project Manager for the Eryri VIP project, said: “The location of our new offices, within our site compound at Garth, is ideal for us to run the project efficiently and safely. When the tunnel boring machine (TBM) is launched next year, the compound will provide facilities not just for the office workers but also for the highly skilled miners who will operate the TBM 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Later in the year, we will open our project information centre at the site entrance, where stakeholders and members of the public will be invited to events to find out more about the project and its progress.”

The offices at Trawsfynydd will now be removed and the site returned to its original appearance within the substation.