RIIO-2 Stakeholder Engagement

We are working to improve our stakeholder engagement – and that is why we place community relations at the heart of our infrastructure projects.

We engage and communicate with stakeholders and communities throughout the lifecycle of our infrastructure projects.  During early project development we engage proactively to ensure that those impacted by our infrastructure have an opportunity to share their views and feed into our plans.  On our larger projects, our plans are then reviewed by the Planning Inspectorate who determine whether we can go on to construct the project.  During the build phase we continue to engage with communities on the work being undertaken and seek to minimise the impact of our construction work as far as possible.

Below are some statistics from the construction phase of our projects during the 2021-22 financial year:

  • Stakeholder and community engagement for over 35 projects.
  • Our projects have been supported by six community relations agencies and we have written to over 36,900 homes and businesses about our construction works.
  • Our primary channel for communication for both inbound and outbound contacts has been email, where the second highest for inbound is telephone.
  • We have dealt with 207 complaints, with the top reasons for complaints being 1) light/dust/noise/vibration and 2) traffic management.
The statistics above reflect data received until the end of February 2022.

The case studies below are just some examples of how we have been engaging with local communities and stakeholders during the planning and development stage of our projects.