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Planning together (RIIO)

Against the backdrop of a rapidly changing energy industry, we've been working with our stakeholders to understand their changing needs. Through this engagement, we've built a stakeholder-led business plan for the next price control period of RIIO-2 from 2021 to 2026. 

Planning our business together

We care about the communities in which we work, the environment, and the views of people and organisations who have an interest in what we do. 

Decarbonisation, digitalisation and decentralisation are all shaping the energy system of the future. We now face some important choices.

By planning together, we can make sure we reflect what’s important to you and provide real benefits to consumers.    

Regular consultations

Understanding your views is an ongoing process. Over the past two years, you’ve told us we’ve made noticeable improvements in some areas but need to improve in others.

Consulting regularly with you has helped us to understand your needs and where we need to improve.

Independent stakeholder groups

We’ve worked extensively with the independently chaired Stakeholder Group. The group scrutinised our engagement approach for our RIIO-2 business plan and provided challenge and feedback. This made certain that our plan achieved the right outcomes for stakeholders, who also include end consumers.

Alongside this, Ofgem's RIIO-2 Challenge Group is considering the affordability and sustainability of our plan. 

Each group will submit a report to Ofgem in addition to our own submission. You can download the RIIO-2 Enhanced Stakeholder Engagement Guidance document from Ofgem’s website.

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How we’re performing

We’re making excellent progress on our performance, but we still need to improve. We want to provide the service that you expect from us. 

Find out how we’re doing on our RIIO-T1 incentive performance to date, including customer and stakeholder satisfaction, stakeholder engagement, the environment, and general performance.

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