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Over 1,500 local pupils benefit from STEM workshops

Engaging sessions for KS1 and KS2 students delivered by STEMworks

Since November 2019, STEMworks, a not-for-profit organisation based in Gloucestershire, has been providing engaging STEM workshops on behalf of National Grid for KS1 and KS2 children in schools along the Hinkley Connection Project route.

STEMworks runs a wide variety of programmes in both secondary and primary schools to bring STEM businesses and education together. Workshops are offered for 4-19 year olds that inspire and enthuse the next generation of STEM professionals. Through these links, employers can help raise the aspirations of young people and are able to be directly involved in initiatives which encourage young people to develop key skills required for the world of work.

The team at STEMworks run sessions for children designed to engage and excite them, providing a fun way to learn more about STEM subjects. While working on behalf of National Grid and providing valuable insight into the Hinkley Connection Project, STEMworks has visited 34 schools, delivered 61 workshops, and engaged with a whopping 1,500 children. During the 2021/22 academic year alone, STEMworks visited 123 schools and worked to inspire 700 children.

We are igniting a passion for STEM subjects

The workshop for 6-7 year olds covers aspects of the KS1 Science, and Design & Technology curriculum. Children discuss, experiment, and investigate where we get our energy from, how we use this energy, and use their practical hands-on design skills to create a simple mechanism using linkages and levers.

7-11 year old children learn how electricity is generated, and how it reaches our homes. The practical tasks involve constructing circuits, investigating electrical conductors and insulators, and building their own electronic buzz wire game.

The workshops have been well received by schools across the board. “The workshop had the right balance of information for the children and practical activities”, commented Mark First and Pre-School CE Academy. While Severn Beach Primary School said that they had an “amazing day – thank you”.

The interactive sessions have also gone down well with the pupils. “Thank you so much for coming in and for all your hard work in preparing the session. The children absolutely loved it and were so engaged”, commented Sidcot Junior School. The children of Pawlett Primary School Academy were equally impressed, “excellent workshop - the children absolutely loved it thank you”.

Claire Lyes, Director of STEMworks, said: “With the support of National Grid, we are providing engaging and interactive workshops to children as young as 4 years old. We are igniting a passion for STEM subjects that will hopefully resonate with these pupils as they progress through school and into the world of work.

“We hope to continue supporting pupils along the Hinkley Connection Project route as they explore a career in energy generation and distribution.”

Jonathan Richardson, Corporate Social Responsibility Officer at the Hinkley Connection Project, commented: “Inspiring the next generation of engineering professionals is just one of the ways we are leaving a lasting legacy on the Hinkley Connection Project. Our aim is to excite and inspire to encourage more children to think carefully about a career in STEM, helping to close the skills gap and ensure that we can progress with our journey to a net zero future.”