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Contribution to decarbonisation

Helping society to decarbonise is the biggest contribution we can make to the environment. On this page you can find out how we’re supporting the decarbonisation of electricity through a variety of programmes.

The demand for sustainable energy is accelerating the pace of change within the energy industry.

We’re seeing huge developments in key technologies such as:

  • solar energy

  • offshore wind

  • energy storage

  • electric vehicles

  • distributed generation.

The digitisation of energy networks from generators to households is further changing how everyone – generators, suppliers, distribution companies and consumers -  engage with energy.

We face the challenge of adapting our networks to meet new demands and making sure we act on opportunities that will benefit our customers and stakeholders.

How we’re supporting the decarbonisation of energy

National Grid Electricity Transmission is actively supporting the decarbonisation of electricity by undertaking a range of programmes:

During 2013-2021, we’re investing just under £3 billion to grow and reinforce the infrastructure needed to support new generation (mostly low-carbon) connecting to our electricity network.

As we see new customers connecting to our network, we’re making information on how to connect much clearer.

To deliver an economically efficient system, we consider how we can make the best use of our existing capacity before we invest in new network capacity.

We're working with new stakeholders to utilise our non-operational land to facilitate new connections.

We’re taking steps to prepare for a comprehensive network of electricity vehicles charging points to facilitate low-carbon transport.

We’re optimising solutions between transmission owners (TOs) and distribution network owners (DNOs) by actively participating in the Energy Network Association’s Open Network Project.

As we progress towards 2050, the adoption of flexible approaches to investment that allow technological advancements (or deferments) to be easily incorporated will be pivotal. We’re currently exploring the possibility of deploying innovative power electronic devices that will allow for even better utilisation of existing capacity.


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Our environmental performance - delivering a sustainable network

As we evolve in our role to support the decarbonisation of energy, we must also ensure we’re environmentally responsible in the way we operate our network. Find out how we’re performing across a range of activities that impact on the environment.

These include greenhouse gas emissions, treatment of resources, how we care for the natural environment, our approach to environmental management, and how we’re delivering responsible construction.

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