Our colleagues keeping the power flowing over Christmas in 2022

Christmas is a time when many like to relax, recharge and spend time with loved ones. But we still need dedicated people to keep the power flowing so that others can cook their turkeys and enjoy their day. Meet Otis and Steve, two of many colleagues who’ll be working festive shifts to keep our lights bright and our homes warm over Christmas.   

Many of our operational colleagues across the business will be working hard over the festive period. We’ve heard from Otis and Steve, who work in the Transmission Network Control Centre (TNCC), making sure energy is safely moved around the network to get to where it’s needed.

Although demand is lower on Christmas day, it can still be a very busy day within the control room


Otis Rook-Grignon is a Control Engineer working in the TNCC, managing the alarms, switching and voltage on the network in the Midlands and the North of England. Otis joined National Grid on the graduate scheme six years ago, after completing his degree in Electrical Engineering at university.


With a bit of luck, I’ll video call my daughter on Christmas morning to see her open her presents

Steve Cole is one of four Network Managers looking after the TNCC, ensuring the power stays flowing across the country. Steve has worked for National Grid since the age of sixteen, starting out as an indentured apprentice, and has worked in a variety of roles in the field offices and different control rooms throughout his career.