Picture of cable drums

New cables complete future Weston to Sandford connection

700m of underground cables installed at the new substation

Work to connect the existing Weston-super-Mare line to the new Sandford substation has taken another step forward. After the completion of nine new lattice pylons by Norpower in July, National Grid contractors, J Murphy and Sons, have now completed the installation installing 700m of underground cables at the substation site.  Once energised the new pylons and cables will connect the existing Weston-Super-Mare electricity line to Sandford substation.

The cables are connected to two termination points; one within Sandford substation and the second to a new cable sealing pylon located outside the substation, where the cables join up with the overhead lines.

Temporary scaffolding at the two termination points is being erected and will remain in place until the final connection is ready for testing and energisation in October 2022.

The underground cables will help ensure local electricity supply to Weston-super-Mare is maintained.

Reinstatement of the land is currently underway and is due to be completed by the end of November this year.

Bethan Coleman, Project Manager for this stage of work on the Hinkley Connection Project commented:

“The cable drums were delivered to the site in early June so we are delighted with the progress by J Murphy and Sons to install the underground cables. These are the final link in the chain needed to modify the existing network and ensure the local electricity supply to Weston-super-Mare is maintained. The coordination of the construction activity with other stages of work in and around the new substation at Sandford has been exceptional.

“Completing this work means we can progress with removing hundreds of pylons between Bridgwater and Avonmouth which will make way for the new 400,000 volt overhead connection that will connect six million homes and businesses to homegrown, low carbon energy.”