Welcome to the SEGL1 public information exhibition website. On this website, you can learn more about our SEGL1 proposal and view our online exhibition.

Our proposed project

The UK is a world leader in offshore wind energy and has a target to become net zero in all greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 for England and Wales, and 2045 for Scotland. 

As the country shifts away from traditional forms of fuel to heat homes, charge vehicles and power businesses, there will be a greater need for green electricity. By the end of this decade, the UK Government aims for every home in the country to be powered by offshore wind. 

To help deliver more green energy to homes and businesses across the UK, we need to increase the capability of our network between Scotland, with its many renewable energy sources, and the rest of the UK. 

To do this, we are submitting outline planning applications to construct two new High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) electrical ‘superhighways’; one from the Torness area in East Lothian, to Hawthorn Pit, between Murton and South Hetton, in County Durham (SEGL1) and one from Peterhead in Aberdeenshire to Drax in North Yorkshire (SEGL2).

The SEGL1 project (also known as the Eastern Link project) is being jointly developed with Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPEN). SPEN are the transmission owner for Central and Southern Scotland and are developing the onshore and offshore aspects of the scheme in Scotland. SEGL2 is being jointly developed with Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN).


Public information exhibition and events 2022

We are hosting an online public information exhibition, here on our project website, to give people the opportunity to learn more about our proposed project and how we took consultation feedback on board.

We’re doing this ahead of the submission of our outline planning application to Durham County Council in spring 2022.

You can explore our digital exhibition by clicking here.

To accompany the information exhibition, we hosted a series of online information events on this website from Monday 7 to Sunday 20 February 2022. The events included live chat sessions and a webinar. You can view the presentation from the webinar below.

Our public information exhibition and series of online events follow on from our public consultation, held in spring 2021, where we took feedback on our proposals from landowners, residents, organisations, and local elected members.

The purpose of this public information exhibition, and accompanying online events, is to show people how our plans have evolved and answer any questions they have at this stage. There will be further opportunity to give formal feedback during the planning application process after we have submitted our outline planning application to Durham County Council and the statutory period of consultation opens. At this time, you will be able to comment on the planning application via the Council’s planning portal. The Council will then decide whether to approve our proposed project.

We’ll keep this website updated and will share a link to Durham County Council’s planning portal once our planning application has been submitted.

For those without access to the internet, we have a freephone number available and can provide hard copies of the materials on request. Please call 0808 1968 405 for more information.

About us

National Grid sits at the heart of Britain’s energy system, connecting millions of people and businesses to the energy they use every day. We bring energy to life – in the heat, light and power we bring to our customer’s homes and businesses; in the way that we support our communities and help them to grow; and in the way we show up in the world. It is our vision to be at the heart of a clean, fair and affordable energy future.

Our individual companies run the systems and infrastructure that deliver electricity and gas across the country.

National Grid Electricity Transmission own, build, and manage the electricity grid in England and Wales to which many different energy sources are connected. National Grid Gas Transmission own, build, and manage the gas transmission network in Great Britain, making gas available when and where it’s needed. National Grid ESO (Electricity System Operator) control the movement of electricity around the country ensuring supply meets demand. Finally, National Grid Ventures (NGV) is the competitive division of National Grid, investing in energy projects, technologies, and partnerships to accelerate the development of our clean energy future.

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Contact us

If you have any questions about our project, please get in touch with a member of our community relations team.

You can call or email the team on 0808 196 8405 or at [email protected].

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