Meet London Power Tunnels Senior Assistant Quanity Surveyor, Collins Nomafo

Collins Nomafo


Please introduce yourself, give your job title and explain in a few sentences what it is you do?

I am a National Grid Assistant Quantity Surveyor and a volunteer at the London Power Tunnel (LPT) Project’s school engagement programme. My main responsibility is minimising the cost and risk of National Grid projects.

What aspect of your work do you find most rewarding?

I find it incredibly rewarding seeing the projects that I work on being built and coming to life, as well as the positive impact it has on people’s daily lives. This is also the reason why I chose to join the construction industry in the first place.

Can you tell us more about the LPT Project’s school engagement programme?

Of course! The school engagement programme is a STEM and careers-focussed programme that aims to engage 100,000 young people throughout London over the next five years. It is focused on developing employability skills and providing around primary and secondary school pupils with unrivalled insight into the energy sector.

Why motivated you to volunteer at the programme?

I want to show the younger generation, especially students from underprivileged or BAME backgrounds, what they can achieve in STEM and what they can become. The school engagement programme offers a great platform to open their eyes to the career opportunities in these industries.

What are you most looking forward to doing again once the current pandemic passes?

Meeting up with family and friends without having to worry about spreading the virus!