About Yorkshire GREEN

The Yorkshire GREEN Project will allow cleaner energy to flow into homes and businesses that need it in Yorkshire and beyond. It will provide a new connection and reinforcement on the electricity transmission system, whilst supporting ambitious net zero targets set by the government.

As of Thursday 14 March 2024, the Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero has granted development consent for the Yorkshire GREEN project. This follows the conclusion of the examination period in September 2023 and issue of a recommendation report by the Planning Inspectorate in December 2023.

More information, along with all documents relating to the application and examination process, can be found on the Planning Inspectorate’s website.

Where is Yorkshire GREEN?

Situated within Yorkshire, the Project spans from approximately 1.5 km north-east of the village of Shipton to the existing Monk Fryston substations, located to the east of the A1 and immediately south of the A63.

A summary of our proposals, along with a map showing the project area, can be found below. Please note that detailed documents, such as plans, a Consultation Report and an Environmental Statement, have been submitted as part of our application and are now available on the Planning Inspectorate’s website. This includes all documents updated through the examination process.

What new infrastructure is proposed?

We need to build approximately 7km of new overhead lines, a number of sealing end compounds (that link together overhead lines and underground cables), underground cables and two substations, to link two existing overhead lines and to reinforce the system to increase the capacity of the network in the Yorkshire area.

The Project is divided into six sections for ease of reference – three sections where we are proposing new infrastructure (B, D and F) and three sections where we are proposing works to existing infrastructure (A, C and E). These have been summarised below: 

LocationSummary of works
Section B - North west of York area

Works would include:

  • reconductoring (the replacement of old conductors (wires), insulators, earthwires etc.) of 2.4km of the 400kV Norton to Osbaldwick (2TW/YR) overhead line and replacement of one pylon on this overhead line;
  • building a new 400kV overhead line (approximately 2.8km in length), north of the proposed Overton substation;
  • building two new 400kV sealing end compounds and approximately 230m of underground cabling;
  • building two new sections of 275kV overhead line, connecting into Overton Substation from the south to the south-west and the south-east; and works to 5km of the existing XCP Poppleton to Monk Fryston overhead line between Moor Monkton in the west and Skelton – including decommissioning, replacement and realignment.

Section D - Tadcaster area

Works would include:

  • building two new 275kV cable sealing end compounds, and associated underground cable, installed approximately 3km south-west of Tadcaster and north-east of the A64/A659 junction where two existing overhead lines meet; and
  • replacing one existing pylon on the existing 275kV Tadcaster Tee to Knaresborough (XD) overhead line.
Section F Monk Fryston substation area

Works would include:

  • building a new substation located to the east of the existing Monk Fryston Substation;
  • realigning a 1.45km section of the 275kV Poppleton to Monk Fryston (XC) overhead line, to connect into the new substation; and
  • reconfiguring the existing 4YS 400kV Monk Fryston to Eggborough overhead line, to connect into the new substation.

What changes are proposed to existing infrastructure?

In addition to building new infrastructure, we also need to carry out works to existing infrastructure in the following areas:

LocationSummary of works
Section A - Osbaldwick substationMinor works at the existing Osbaldwick Substation comprising the installation of a new circuit breaker and isolator along with associated cabling, removal and replacement of one gantry and works to one existing pylon. All substation works would be within existing operational land.

Reconductoring works along the existing 275kV Poppleton to Monk Fryston XC overhead line across two areas:

  • Between Moor Monkton and Tadcaster (Section C); and
  • Between Tadcaster and Monk Fryston (Section E).

We need to carry out upgrading works to the existing 275kV Poppleton to Monk Fryston XC to include replacing exiting overhead line conductors (wires), replacement of pylon fittings, strengthening of steelwork and works to pylon foundations.

These works would take place to the north and south of Tadcaster.

Map of the Yorkshire GREEN project area
Yorkshire GREEN - Map at decision

More detailed location plans of the Project have been submitted as part of our application for development consent, which are available to view on the Planning Inspectorate's website.