About Yorkshire GREEN

The Yorkshire GREEN Project will allow cleaner energy to flow into homes and businesses that need it in Yorkshire and beyond. It will provide a new connection and reinforcement on the electricity transmission system, whilst supporting ambitious Net Zero targets set by the government.

We need to build approximately 7km of new overhead lines, a number of sealing end compounds (that link together overhead lines and underground cables), underground cables and two substations, to link two existing overhead lines and to reinforce the system to increase the capacity of the network in the Yorkshire area. We will also need to undertake additional improvement, replacement, realignment and strengthening works to existing infrastructure, including existing overhead lines (conductors), fittings and pylons.

Where is Yorkshire GREEN?

Situated within Yorkshire, the Project spans from approximately 1.5km north-east of the village of Shipton to the existing Monk Fryston substation, located to the east of the A1 and immediately south of the A63. An interactive map of the project can be found here.

Overview of our proposals for Yorkshire GREEN

Yorkshire GREEN will involve both construction of new infrastructure and works to existing transmission infrastructure and facilities. This includes:



We have produced a short animation which provides an overview of the Yorkshire GREEN project. 













About the proposed infrastructure works

What are we proposing in the North west of York area? (Section B)

Proposals for the North west of York area (Section B).

What are we proposing in the Tadcaster area? (Section D)

Proposals for the Tadcaster area (Section D).

What are we proposing in the Monk Fryston substation area? (Section F)

Proposals for the Monk Fryston substation area (Section F).

Proposed works to existing infrastructure (Sections A, C and E)

Find out more information about our proposed works to existing infrastructure.