In total we are proposing 5 options for which feedback is sought. These options are split into two categories, emerging preference and alternative option. The two groups cover both proposed converter sites but have their own marine cable landfall location.

Our emerging preferences are based on a landfall location between Aldeburgh and Thorpeness whereas the alternative options are based on a landfall location at Sizewell.

From the landfall location, we are proposing to install underground HVDC cables to a new converter station, which will convert electricity from direct to alternating current. We are currently showing two ‘search’ areas within which we are proposing to locate the converter station but have not yet identified a specific site within the search areas for this infrastructure.

The route of the underground cables into the converter station will depend on which landfall location is chosen. It will also be subject to further design work and technical assessments.

Proposed Friston substation

At both ends of Sea Link the HVDC converter stations need to connect into the existing national electricity transmission system. In Suffolk, we are proposing an HVAC underground cable connection to be made into the proposed Friston substation. This substation will need to be extended to allow this Sea Link connection to be made. The extension would include busbars, switchgear, cable sealing ends, civils and associated infrastructure.

Static maps showing our proposals in Suffolk

Suffolk site 1 emerging preference

Suffolk site 3 emerging preference

Suffolk site 1 alternative

Suffolk site 3 alternative (option 1)

Suffolk site 3 alternative (option 2) 

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