In response to stakeholder feedback, NGET’s Sea Link project and National Grid Ventures (NGV)'s EuroLink and Nautilus projects and are exploring potential opportunities to coordinate.

Separate non-statutory public consultations are being held for each of the EuroLink and Sea Link projects from October to December 2022. NGV is currently exploring a possible alternative location for Nautilus. Until this is confirmed to be viable, Nautilus will be included as part of our coordination work.  

We understand that plans for energy infrastructure have caused concern in local communities. We hope that by sharing our proposals at the same time people feel better informed about how different parts of the infrastructure could fit together and can share their views on each of the projects accordingly. Whether people attend a digital or in-person event, we strongly encourage communities to share their views.

What could coordination look like?

Coordination could range from co-location of infrastructure from different projects on the same site, to coordinating construction activities to reduce potential impacts on local communities and the environment. This is explored further under the subheadings below.

Exploring opportunities for co-location

NGV and NGET are working collaboratively to explore opportunities to co-locate onshore infrastructure for the EuroLink, Nautilus and Sea Link projects, including:

  • shared location for up to three converter stations;

  • shared underground cable route corridors; and

  • shared landfall.

We welcome feedback from local communities whether co-location is a preferred option. Further engineering studies and assessments are required to understand if co-location of landfalls and underground cables is possible.

Coordination during construction

We will explore opportunities to coordinate construction activity between NGV and NGET projects, as well as with other developers in the local area. We aim to minimise the impact of our work on the environment and local communities. Coordination could include, for example, one party undertaking all of the construction works, re-using materials, sharing site compounds and how we invest in communities.

Offshore infrastructure coordination

NGV and NGET are exploring the potential for offshore coordination as part of the Offshore Transmission Network Review (OTNR) “Early Opportunities” workstream, with a view to identifying a future Pathfinder Project.

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