We are currently investigating plans to expand Cilfynydd substation to improve the resilience and reliability of the electricity network.

National Grid owns and operates the national electricity transmission system in Wales and England and we have an obligation to ensure that we are providing consistent and reliable electricity to our customers. As the population increases, there is greater demand on our network to provide new sources of electricity. This, coupled with the shift towards renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, means that we have to ensure that our network is able to manage the changes in how we provide electricity.

We’re also required to provide connections to all new energy generation projects so that homes and businesses can use the renewable power produced. This demand for new customers is growing because of the energy transition. In this way, we’re playing a key role in helping Wales and the rest of the UK achieve targets for renewables and net zero.

Our work is at an early stage and we have not yet developed detailed plans for the substation expansion. However, we expect the extension to be relatively small and within the land around the substation we already own.

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