About the project

As part of the Government’s drive for clean renewable energy and the 2050 zero carbon target for the UK we are bringing offshore wind power generation to the Midlands and beyond. This project is a part of that wider holistic work required to get more green power to areas and consumers via an integrated high-voltage power network. These works will allow us to transmit more low-carbon cost efficient energy to homes and businesses in the Midlands and further afield, whilst supporting the UK’s net zero targets.

Where is the project?

The section of overhead line that we require to uprate is located on the existing high voltage route between Brinsworth in Rotherham, in South Yorkshire, and High Marnham in Bassetlaw, Nottinghamshire. The proposed uprating and reinforcement of the grid requires the reconfiguration and construction of three new substations alongside or near to the existing substations at Brinsworth, Chesterfield and High Marnham substation sites.

What new, and changes to existing, infrastructure is proposed?


Summary of works

Brinsworth to Chesterfield route

  • Construct a new Chesterfield 400kV Substation
  • Construct a New Brinsworth 400kV substation
  • Uprate Brinsworth – Chesterfield 275kV double circuit to operate at 400kV

Chesterfield to High Marnham route

  • Construct a new High Marnham 400kV Substation
  • Uprate Chesterfield – High Marnham 275kV double circuit to operate at 400kV