National Grid’s Joseph Harvey joins prestigious new UK Young Academy

National Grid is delighted to announce that Joseph Harvey, one of our talented substation engineers covering the Anglo-Scottish borders, is among one of the first members of the new UK Young Academy. Joseph joins a network of early career researchers and professionals established to help tackle local and global issues and promote meaningful change.

Joseph Harvey, substation engineer at National Grid, joins the first cohort of the UK Young Academy, alongside 66 other members announced today (10th January) by UK and Ireland National Academies. As a member of this prestigious new panel, Joseph will have the opportunity to help shape the strategy and focus of the organisation, based on areas that matter to him.

As a substation engineer, Joseph plans and manages work day-to-day on high-voltage electricity transmission assets, enabling the connection of green energy from generators along Anglo-Scottish lines and through subsea interconnectors.

Joseph, a climate change ambassador and keen advocate for innovation, has worked to develop systems to improve operations and support sustainable development. He will now join 66 fellow members from across academia, charity organisations and the private sector, and will have the chance to inform local and global policy discussions.

Other successful candidates include researchers, innovators, clinicians, professionals and entrepreneurs who have each made significant contributions to their field, while going above and beyond to make an impact outside of their main areas of work.

Joseph said that he is looking forward to developing his leadership skills, technical knowledge, and experience during the programme, and helping to find innovative solutions to the challenges facing societies now and in the future.

Reflecting on the motivations for his new position, he continued “Promoting meaningful change is one of my biggest personal and professional drivers, so when the opportunity to join the UK Young Academy arose, I applied immediately.”

It was a great feeling to have the backing of National Grid during my application, and I was ecstatic to find out I’d been accepted.

“Throughout my career, I’ve followed the technical route of apprenticeships, so to be selected for a programme consisting 85% of academics, I feel empowered by my non-conventional career path.”

“I’m passionate about tackling climate change and promoting sustainable growth, and over the course of my membership, I’m hopeful to contribute real progress towards delivering net zero.”

The UK Young Academy has been established as an interdisciplinary collaboration with prestigious national academies: the Academy of Medical Sciences, British Academy, Learned Society of Wales, Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Irish Academy, Royal Society of Edinburgh, and the Royal Society. It joins the global initiative of Young Academies, with the UK Young Academy becoming the 50th to join the Young Academy movement.

Joseph was selected from over 400 applicants from a variety of sectors including Life Sciences, Physical, Engineering and Computer Sciences, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Business, Public Service and Communications. The members were chosen by a panel of 65 reviewers, including an Appointments Committee.

Joseph and the other 66 successful candidates officially took up their posts on 1 January 2023, and membership runs for 5 years. It is expected that the next call for applications will open in 2023.