Lost polecat given new home

Happy ending for Hinkley the polecat

An injured polecat found by the Morrison Energy Services team in September last year has found a new home and a new name!

The polecat was found in a tower foundation excavation site and was in need of medical attention. Members of the project team reacted quickly and sought help and guidance from the Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre in Huntspill, who determined that the polecat was domesticated and had likely become lost after having escaped from its home.

Staff at the rescue centre were instrumental in helping to find an alternative veterinary clinic to take the lost polecat. It was transported to Quantock Veterinary Hospital, a clinic run by Secret World, to receive treatment.

The veterinary staff provided a safe home for the polecat while he was recovering and began the search for its owner.

After being unable to find the owner, staff approached Tony, a Secret World volunteer and experienced owner of ferrets and polecats, to see if he would give the polecat a home.

Tony gladly accepted and gave the lost polecat a new home, and a new name, Hinkley.

Hinkley the polecat is now happily living with 11 ferrets and 2 polecats at Tony’s home.

Gillian Burnell, Project Communications Manager for National Grid said:

“The swift actions of our Morrisons colleagues definitely saved Hinkley's life. We're delighted that this story had a happy ending. We're especially grateful to Tony for giving the polecat a new home and honoured he decided to name it Hinkley!”