Imagining tomorrow

The energy industry is undergoing a revolution as it adapts to unprecedented levels of decarbonised and decentralised generation. As well as solving the engineering problems of today, we’re using our expertise and knowledge to help shape tomorrow’s electricity transmission network. 

Preparing for the future 

We’ve developed a vision for innovation and we believe that one day we’ll change the very idea of how we interact with a transmission network and what it can do for our world. To get there, we’re finding new ways to work and keep costs down, as well as technologies that can make us greener and safer. 

We’re also sharing our knowledge and views, as we believe that working with others in such a fast-changing industry helps keep us at the forefront of innovation, while benefitting the industry as a whole. 

Shaping the future of energy

Will transmission be needed in a decentralised, decarbonised, digitalised energy system? David Wright, Director of Electricity Transmission and Group Chief Electricity Engineer, considers some of the factors that could shape the outcome – however uncertain the future may be. 

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