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How can I connect?

Our customers mostly fall into one of two categories:


1. Transmission connected generation

Customers who want to put power onto the grid. We connect various types of generation technology: onshore and offshore wind farms, solar farms, battery storage, tidal power, nuclear and gas powered generators.

We classify our generation customers based on capacity:

  • Large 100MW+  

  • Medium 50-100MW  

  • Small <50MW.

There are two types of generation. These depend on your size, voltage and the asset you’re connecting to.

Directly Connected >132kV

This is for you if you want to directly connect to the transmission network. It is likely that offshore, nuclear and interconnectors would all connect directly, as well as smaller generators such as battery storage and solar.

Embedded Generation <132kV

This if for you if you want to connect to the distribution network. There may be instances where you have a contract with both your distribution network operator (DNO) and National Grid Electricity Transmission (ET).


In England and Wales, if your connection voltage is less than 132kV then this normally goes through the DNO, rather than National Grid Electricity Transmission.

2. Transmission connected demand

Customers who want to take power off the grid. This can include Distribution Network Operators, electrified railway, large industrial plants.

Take a look here to see who your local Distribution Network Owner is.

Types of connections to National Grid

If you’re researching connecting to us in England and Wales, you can connect in two ways:

Bay Connection

Tertiary Connection

ConnectNow Research Assistant

Our Research Assistant is an innovative tool that is designed to provide connection information at your fingertips and at a time that suits you.  

Use it to investigate connection options, see estimated cost profiles, use the capital contribution calculator as well as see estimated securities and charges.

ConnectNow Research Assistant