Seabank substation and nearby pylons at Crooks Marsh

National Grid is working with Western Power Distribution (WPD) to make changes to Seabank substation, and to replace nearby pylons at Crooks Marsh with new underground cables.

Our contractor for this work is J Murphy and Sons, and the first task is to build a construction access and layby on Ableton Lane. To manage the traffic and keep everyone safe when we’re working on the highway, Ableton Lane will be closed from 7 February for approximately eight weeks. Visit roadworks and traffic management for locations and timings of roadworks.

When the access and layby on Ableton Lane are complete, we’ll build a construction road to access our work areas and prepare the land at Crooks Marsh before installing the new underground cables to replace existing WPD pylons. As Ableton Lane is narrow in parts, we will use traffic lights to manage construction traffic until the work is completed in late 2023.