Progress at Sandford substation

We started work to build the new substation near Sandford with our contractor, Siemens, in April 2020.

Located in the centre of our project, the new substation is set to connect high-voltage energy from Hinkley Point C, as well as reinforcing the security of energy supply in the South West region after the removal of existing pylons owned by Western Power Distribution (WPD).

We expect to finish constructing the substations control buildings in February 2022 and to fully energise the substation towards the end of 2023.

As well as protecting wildlife and habitats during our work, we aim to enhance the area. We’ve created a wildlife pond to provide habitat for a variety of invertebrates and carried out some advance landscaping and planting around the site to help screen the new substation.

We’ve also made space available around the boundary of the new substation to re-route the section of the Strawberry Line path off-road and built a quality hard surface that will be suitable for all users. The area is planned to be available for use from mid-2023.