Sustainable thinking keeps Hinkley Connection Project green

Electric vehicles and rainwater harvesting on the Hinkley Connection Project

National Grid’s contractor, Babcock, is helping to reduce the Hinkley Connection Project’s environmental impact during construction, by encouraging the use of electric vehicles (EVs) and harvesting rainwater for use in the site office.

Colleagues working on one of the sites operated by Babcock are delighted with the introduction of two fast-charging points for electric vehicles.

“We want to encourage the use of electric vehicles where we can and decided that providing charging points would be a great initiative,” said Babcock Project Manger Wale Ilori. “Everyone is delighted, as they are fast-charging points and free for all colleagues and visitors to use. Needless to say, they’re in great demand!”

In another green initiative, Babcock has installed a rainwater harvesting system in its site office. To date the new system has provided around a third of the water used on site each month. The amount of water used on site in the coming months is expected to increase as construction ramps up. The new system will continue to support the activities of the team on site.

Wale sees these green initiatives as part of the wider collaborative efforts promoted by National Grid on the project, saying: “The project is progressing well and the support received from National Grid and EDF ensures that our work runs seamlessly and sustainably. It also means that we’re able to work together to find clean, green solutions to environmental challenges faced on site.

“National Grid promotes collaborative forms of working, this has certainly played a role in supporting the green agenda on site.”

We’re proud to work alongside teams that champion sustainable solutions and deliver for people and planet.

James Goode, Project Director at the National Grid Hinkley Connection Project, commented: “While the introduction of two charge points and a rainwater harvesting system might seem like small steps to take in our sustainable journey, they’re all part of a much bigger picture. We’re proud to work alongside teams that champion sustainable solutions and deliver for people and planet.”