Supporting school through Covid

Hinkley Connection contractor helps Nailsea School stay safe

Following an approach from Nailsea School’s PTA, construction company, J Murphy and Sons has donated 150 traffic cones to help staff enforce bubble and one-way systems across the school site.

J Murphy and Sons are undertaking vital infrastructure works for National Grid in the west end of Nailsea. They are undergrounding 132kV electric cables from Nailsea to Portishead as part of the Hinkley Connection Project, which will connect six million UK homes and businesses to low-carbon energy.

Headteacher Dionne Elliot says: “The traffic cones around site have made such a difference – we’ve been able to clearly mark out one-way systems and areas to maintain our bubbles. Murphy’s generosity is much appreciated.”

Janet Sorley, J Murphy and Sons Senior Project Manager, said: “All the extra measures that schools have had to put in place are a lot of extra work and responsibility for teachers and staff, and we were delighted to be able to help in such a practical way.”

James Goode, National Grid’s Project Director, said: “National Grid and our contractors on the Hinkley Connection want to be good neighbours in every community we are working in. This support for Nailsea School is a part of that.”

Once the work on undergrounding the electricity cables is complete, the two existing 132kV lines of pylons, owned by Western Power Distribution (WPD), that run close to and over homes in Nailsea will be taken down. This work is expected to start in mid-2021. This will make way for, and reduce the visual impact of, a new 400kV T-pylon line situated further to the west of Nailsea, which National Grid will also start constructing next year.

For more information on the project and what we are doing to support schools and communities along the 57km Hinkley Connection route, visit our homepage.