Young students wearing school uniform behind table with STEM equipment, including a drone

STEM fund inspires future generations

Over 320,000 young people supported with funding for STEM equipment

Since 2018, 321,090 local pupils in the south west have benefited from the Hinkley Connection Project Education Fund, which supports teachers and schools by funding the purchase of much needed Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) equipment. The fund is a flagship initiative of the Hinkley Connection’s Engineering Positive Futures programme.

Every state school within the six local authorities impacted by the Hinkley Connection Project can apply for a £500 or £1250 grant for every year of the project.

In four years, National Grid has awarded 1,241 grants to local schools to help them buy STEM equipment

The funding has supported 64,807 local children with special educational needs and those from challenging backgrounds, giving them access STEM subjects and the necessary equipment to enhance their learning and development.

In 2021/22 alone, National Grid’s Education Fund helped support 368 local schools, with 100,994 young people benefiting. Of those, 21,418 were from a challenging background or had a special educational need.

“We are a very small school and would never normally be able to spend £500 on STEM equipment. This fund has given our children opportunities to foster a life-long love of the sciences and promotes a career in science,” said one local headteacher.

We are committed to sparking a passion for science, engineering and technology...

Jonathan Richardson, CSR Officer for the Hinkley Connection Project, commented: “We are committed to sparking a passion for science, engineering and technology amongst the next generation of engineers, designers, and scientists.

“This STEM funding helps young people in the south west unlock new skills and talents. The team on the Hinkley Connection Project is delighted to see the difference the funding is making to local schools and to the lives of hundreds of thousands of children.”