Shurton line

In Pictures: Shurton line entries

Phase 2 to connect Hinkley Point C to T-pylon route begins in Autumn 2022

Work to connect Hinkley Point C power station to the existing network is progressing well near Shurton, with the construction of additional pylons by National Grid contractors, Morrison Energy Services due to start this autumn.

The pylons will be capable of carrying high voltage energy, bringing the Hinkley Connection Project a step closer to connecting six million homes and businesses to low carbon energy from the South West.

The team completed the first phase of the Shurton line entries, including the construction of haul roads, pylon foundations, and lattice pylons earlier this year to connect to Shurton Substation which is now energised.

The next phase of the project in the autumn is to connect T-pylons near Bridgwater to the new Hinkley Point C power station. This will be achieved by upgrading the existing 275kV overhead line near Stogursey and Shurton to 400kV, catering for the energy from the new power station to the whole Hinkley Connection route. National Grid has worked closely with Morrison Energy Services and Hinkley Point C throughout the construction process, ensuring that the work runs as smoothly as possible.

Olawale Ilori, Project Manager at Morrison Energy Services said: “We’re very proud of the innovations we’ve used for the project so far, replacing traditional ways of installing towers to reduce our carbon footprint. For example, the techniques used for the soil enhancements, which creates work area at tower locations, means we’ve reduced the carbon emissions in this process by 76%.”

“The collaborative form of working promoted by National Grid and the wider Hinkley Connection Project team has helped us navigate an array of challenges that could have affected the programme – they have been exceptional to work with.”


Realigning overhead lines to Hinkley Point B station and the new Shurton substation

Completing the first phase of pylon construction near Stogursey

Assembling pylons near Stogursey

Connecting Hinkley power station to the existing network


Overhead Powerlines

The new lines are capable of carrying high voltage energy from the Hinkley power station


National Grid has worked closely with Morrison Energy Services and EDF throughout the construction process


The next phase of transmission pylons will be assembled from Autumn 2022