National Grid funds new laptops

Donation helps ensure no child is left behind

Tickenham Church of England School students have received new IT equipment from the Hinkley Connection Project.

National Grid donated 40 modern laptops to help develop the school’s IT offering. The devices have enabled teachers to deliver a broad IT curriculum that allows pupils to explore their interests and conduct research for projects, fostering new levels of creativity and independence. The students have also learnt a range of new, practical skills, like storing and sharing files with one another.

Katie Carter, Year 5 and 6 Class Teacher at Tickenham C of E Primary School, said: “These laptops have been exceptionally helpful in enabling the children to work independently, as they no longer need to share in pairs and threes. The children use them to research facts for projects and learn important IT skills, from Microsoft Office to coding and programming.

“This donation has really changed the way that we’re able to teach IT and we couldn’t be more grateful – the biggest THANK YOU from all of us at Tickenham C of E Primary School!”

In addition, as a school close to the Hinkley Connection route, it has has received grants to buy new STEM equipment, helping teachers inspire the next generation of engineers, scientists, and designers.

Jonathan Richardson, CSR Officer for the Hinkley Connection Project, added: “We are committed to helping teachers ensure that no child is left behind and helping all students meet their potential. I am delighted to see the funding being put to such great use – helping young people develop new skills while ensuring teachers have access to reliable IT equipment.”

Young school students with new laptops

Students working away on their laptops

School class with new IT equipment

Class smiling with their new IT equipment