Making history at Worlebury Hill Fort

Hinkley Connection team volunteers at ancient monument

In spring 2019, the project team spent a day volunteering with the Worlebury Hill Fort Group. Staff from one of the project’s principal contractors, Balfour Beatty, and National Grid helped preserve the unique iron-age fort near Weston-super-Mare.

The large hill fort was built around 2,300 years ago and is an ancient monument of international significance. The local archaeology group has been working for over three years to clear vegetation and uncover secrets hidden beneath the scrubland. Their efforts were boosted when our team of twelve worked on the hill for over seven hours, cutting down trees and removing undergrowth.

William Fraher, Chairman of Worlebury Hill Fort Group, said: “I’m absolutely delighted with the progress we made with the help of the Hinkley Connection Project volunteers. Their hard graft has made a real impact. Many thanks to them all.”

Angela Halliwell, Balfour Beatty’s Environmental & Sustainability Manager, added: “We were really happy to help. Archaeology is an important consideration when building a major project like this. It’s great to be able to work with the archaeology group and discover more about the hill fort. We ended the day with a real sense of achievement.”

To help the group clear the site further, Balfour Beatty donated all the tools and equipment used on the day, along with some wildflower seed.

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