Linxon records a year of ‘perfect days’

Consistent focus on health and safety at Shurton results in year of 'perfect days'

Linxon is one of the principal contractors on the Hinkley Connection Project, the team are working adjacent to the EDF Hinkley Point C site to build the new substation at Shurton.

In April, the company reported that the Shurton site achieved a year of continuous 'perfect days' on site. Linxon company awards this status for any day when no safety injury, security event or environmental release has occurred.

“Linxon Perfect Days recognise the efforts that our teams put into ensuring that people and our environment remain unharmed. The main reason why this has been achieved is because of the consistent focus from the Shurton team on maintaining high quality and sustainable standards on site,” says Claire Warman, UK HSE Manager for Shurton.

“The results at the Shurton site motivate us to continue HSE improvements, including to our safety culture, where the most important thing is that all our workers return home safe and sound,” adds Claire.

The Shurton Substation site is Linxon’s longest continuous operational site, so this currently makes it their highest 'perfect day' score globally.

“Congratulations and thanks to all the Shurton team and operatives for giving a new benchmark for the Linxon safety culture”, said Frédéric Tréfois, CEO of Linxon. “It has been great to see all the ideas for improvements that have been put in place throughout the year. This has been a real team exercise from a complete project delivery perspective, driven by our Linxon employees but also involving our subcontractors and customer listening and implementing all the identified improvements actions.”

During last year’s CEO visit to Shurton, Ian Cartwright, Director of Capital Delivery at National Grid, took the opportunity to congratulate the Linxon and National Grid teams on site. He said that the Shurton project is spoken about in positive terms for the hard work and good team working relationships both internally in Linxon and with National Grid.

National Grid also recognised Linxon’s HSE focus by presenting their 2019 HSE Contractor Award to the Linxon Assistant Site Manager, Sadina 'Sid' Keogh for her work on the Shurton Wellbeing Garden.