Avonmouth pylon

First of 27 new lattice pylons built in Avonmouth

Major milestone on the most northerly section of the Hinkley Connection route

In July 2022, we started work on building new lattice pylons in the northern section of the Hinkley Connection from Sandford to Seabank, near Avonmouth.

National Grid is using lattice pylons in and around Avonmouth, rather than the T-pylon design seen elsewhere on the Hinkley Connection route because at 50 metres high, the lattice design provides the height required across the River Avon, and means National Grid can navigate the tighter turning angles that are needed on the route between the River Avon and Seabank substation.

In November 2021, contractors Balfour Beatty installed the piles and built the foundations well ahead of time to prepare for the building of the new lattice pylons in July 2022. The first lattice pylon was fully erected next to the M49 on Tuesday 19 July 2022.

Most pylons take up to four weeks to assemble with those near the River Avon taking approximately six weeks. All of the new pylons will be constructed and will have the wires in place by early 2024. 

During the work to install the wires between the pylons, we’ll use controlled lifting systems and erect scaffolding where the wires cross over roads.

Aden Precious, Project Manager at the Hinkley Connection Project, commented: “We are delighted that the first of 27 lattice pylons is already built around Avonmouth with more to come in the following weeks.”

“Our team’s preparation ahead of time means we are on schedule for construction and wiring to finish by next year.”